Marirose Piciucco
Marirose practiced law in San Francisco for twenty years, the last twelve years in asylum law and deportation defence. She represented women from all around the world fleeing persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, gender, and sexual orientation. She started a successful business after leaving law, and is now overjoyed to be devoting herself to The Ring Project, a cause that is close her heart in many ways. She believes there is a way to incorporate healing and empowering ourselves and supporting others - especially those whose voices are not heard. 

Marirose holds a BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Syracuse University and earned her JD from the University of California, Hastings. 

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Amanda Schwartz
Amanda cites a fateful night sorting conflict diamonds in a remote village in Sierra Leone as the catalyst to how she thinks about development and aid. She has lived and studied in West and Southern Africa, and has a particular interest in how US operations, corporations, and foreign policies have affected lives in other parts of the world. Her Masters thesis focused on how international humanitarian aid has destabalized Internally Displaced Persons camps in the DRC. She's ecstatic to be a part of The Ring Project - an organization that aligns with both her passions and her beliefs. 

Amanda holds a BA in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and earned her MSc in International Development from the London School of Economics. 

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We don't think we have the answers to anyone's problems but our own. But we do think everyone has a role in respectfully caring for the well-being of each other. TRP strongly believes in the power of women to change the world for the better, and we're committed to putting our money where are mouth is - from California to the Congo.

Our Founders

Our story started at a climbing gym 

in Berkeley, California. Marirose was delivering muffins and Amanda was working behind the desk. Just in case you thought muffins couldn't change the world, we thought you should know. 

Please take a moment to learn about Virunga National Park. We couldn't be happier to learn that this incredible documentary was put up for an Oscar. In the documentary's own words, "Virunga details the brave people risking their lives to build a better future in a part of Africa long since forgotten. In the Virunga National Park, life flourishes with lush plant and wildlife -- and it's a battleground for rogue soldiers, opportunistic poachers, and a small band of embattled park rangers, the last line of defense to protect the heart and soul of the Eastern Congo."

Virunga: the movie