Before founding D&H Jewelers, founders Lindsay and Shawn worked in the jewelry business for over nearly 40 combined years, and increasingly saw a need for more transparency. They started really questioning how the gemstones and metals made it to their store – who mined them, and who were they buying from?

Lindsay and Shawn's personal buying decisions are based on the impact they have on their community, and they wanted their business to embody this same principal. They opened D&H Sustainable Jewelers in January 2011 to make a change. D&H fosters relationships with artisans and designers to ensure every piece is as unique and special as the person buying it. The in-store atmosphere is warm and personal because, and represents the very community The Ring Project is committed to building. D&H's products are ethical because, though sustaining our environment is essential, nothing is more important than how we treat our fellow human beings. 

D&H Jewelers is now proud to be a partner in The Ring Project through our purchase of donated jewelry items in order to help fund this incredible organization. In alignment with our core value of sustainability through the repurposing of metals and diamonds, The Ring Project provides us with a source for the raw materials we use in our jewelry. We have already begun production on our first collection of jewelry using these materials and in turn have been able to fund a number of Congolese women’s scholarships.

At D&H, we provide a timeless experience coupled with modern values and sensibilities.

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