Ms. Shakalili participated in the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) Conference in Nairobi Kenya, the only Congolese representative at the Conference with The Ring Project's support. The goal of this women’s conference was to create strategies for human rights advocates who work to improve the lives of women in the developing nations.

Ms. Shakalili, a Human Rights advocate for women working in the mines in the eastern region of the DRC, shared with us the challenges facing women in the mines: displacement, loss of land, increased workload to support their families, violence and exploitation, lack of women representatives in the mines, disbandment of communities, creation of an environment of suspicion, lack of representation at the negotiating table, and no access to local economies. These photos were taken in connection with her research and participation in the Conference.

TRP's grant allowed Ms. Shakalili to attend the AWID Conference in Nairobi. Your continued support of the TRP will help women like Ms. Shakalili continue their invaluable work. Pass on the word.​ 

Photo from Ms. Shakalili's research on mining conditions for women

Dynamique de Femmes Juristes (DFJ) is a group of accomplished Congolese women lawyers, judges, and activists based out of Goma, North Kivu, DRC. DFJ works with legal cases throughout eastern Congo, including the active prosecution of gendered and sexual crimes. These include sexual violence, other forms of physical violence, and inheritance violations. DFJ works with the local legal counsel of North Kivu, the provincial government, and most importantly, the community. They have conducted numerous legal and paralegal trainings for women from rural areas who can then disperse information on their rights and aid in the prosecution of cases from more remote areas, which is a big obstacle in establishing rule of law in the area. DJF also offers counselling to victims of sexual abuse and violence. 

TRP is honored to support paralegal training camps for women throughout North Kivu. 

Dynamique de Femmes Juristes (DFJ)

Marie Rose Shakalili, who founded the arm of AFSDD which TRP supports

Actions des Femmes Solidaires pour les Droits et le Développement, operating in South Kivu and providing educational support and vocational training to women in rural areas. TRP will specifically be supporting the initiative to pull women and children working in hard labor copper, coltan, and diamond mines and support their vocational training in non-mining areas. 

We met with Marie Rose Shakalili, pictured above, who coordinates Solidarity Action for Women's Rights and Development. She holds a graduate degree in Rural Development and Social Organization and is from the South Kivu province of the DRC. She has focused on providing viable and sustainable alternatives for women and children who have been forced to work in mines for little or no pay under unsafe working conditions. She also lobbies local government for enforceable better working conditions in cases of consensual mining contracts. You can contact her on World Pulse here

Actions des Femmes Solidaires pour les Droits et le Développement

 Spring 2016