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Emerance Misindi

Program Officer + Coordinator

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The Ring Project is a non-profit organization that creates a new purpose for diamond and other precious rings - we use the proceeds from the sale of donated rings to fund scholarships to medical and law school for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Buying a TRP certified ring represents a commitment not only to your relationship, but also to a conscientious approach to the welfare of women in the DRC, often cited as the "worst place in the world to be a woman". 

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Meet our six law and medical school students starting their second semesters  

The Ring Project is proud to announce that six women from North and South Kivu provinces have commenced classes at four different universities. Two recipients are attending medical school, and four are attending law school. In the words of Mihali Wabiwa, a law student and TRP Scholarship recipient at the University of Bukavu:

​"As a lawyer, I will advocate, free of charge, for marginalized  women and girls and for poor communities in general. Justice in our country belongs to the rich - I will protect the poor." 

Amanda Schwartz

Co-founder + Director of Research

Marirose Piciucco

Founder + Outreach Director

Donating a ring can be as powerful for you as for those who benefit from the proceeds. Founder Marirose Piciucco found that the idea of repurposing her ring for the benefit of other women allowed her to move on from the difficulty of her divorce. 

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